ZFusion + BreakThru House, Inc. Six Week Workshop

Posted on Jan 19, 2010 in Workshops, ZFusion

ZFusion + BreakThru House, Inc. Six Week Workshop

In partnership with the women of Breakthru House, Inc., ZFusion successfully completed an innovative and inspiring six-week workshop entitled, “Healing for the Broken Spirit.” The culmination of the Workshop was the “Fruitful Living Celebration.”

ZFusion founder Azizi Blisset facilitated the 6-week workshop and created it for the women of Breakthru House. Ten female volunteers assisted in the workshop, who encouraging and supporting the women in their quest to heal their spirits by stimulating their creativity through mixed-media art and collages. Using the “Fruit of the Spirit”, the women explored the life skills that result when they form a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and experience the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

“I was amazed and honored to witness the truth that arose through this art form and the grace in which participants accepted whatever surfaced in their work”, said Phyllis Carrera, ZFusion volunteer and Georgia State University Master of Rehabilitation Counseling Intern.

For more information on the Workshop and participant experiences, click here.