Self-Love & A Valentine’s Day Invitation

Posted on Feb 4, 2014 in Events, ZFusion

Self-Love &  A Valentine’s Day Invitation

As an independent woman, I am often reminded of the importance of self-love as Valentine’s Day approaches each year. In the past, like so many others, it became a season where I felt the pressure of commercialization and the artificial benefits of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Nowadays, I have turned over a new leaf; I have learned that the love that I desired from others was already inside of me. What has given me this new perspective? Well, for once in my life I have realized that my innate creativity and spirituality have allowed me to look deep within myself to see what a beautiful person I truly am. All of us are a divine loving expression of Source. My purpose and passion is to inspire others to uncover this truth for themselves. I believe self-confidence and authentic living are developed when we tap into our creative selves.

I wanted to give you a glimpse of one of my collage paintings I produced several years ago. It is appropriately titled “Love”. It helps me to reflect on the love that I felt within as I allowed myself to let go, have fun and create. Finding myself through creativity allowed me to love myself and also see love in others—knowing that it is a reflection of my self-love.

To experience this for yourself, this Valentine’s Day I’m inviting you to a Creative Expression Workshop that allows you to tap into your creative center and connect with your heart’s deepest emotion — LOVE. Through guided exercises, you will produce a loving and fun work of art that is yours to keep. Absolutely no art experience required and all art supplies are provided.

Reserve your spot here and be sure to share the link with your friends!