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Unlimited Perspectives: Everyday Life Law of Attraction

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Unlimited Perspectives: Everyday Life Law of Attraction
Aziz Blissett wears several hats in her professional life: She’s a life coach specializing in the Law of Attraction, and also does work in marketing and advertising. In this personal-growth / self-development interview on the Unlimited Perspectives podcast, Azizi puts it all to work, talking about building our own personal “brand” in the way we choose to live life and create all the best for ourselves (not just in business, of course)! Read more.


FAITH Interview with Azizi Blissett

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FAITH Interview with Azizi Blissett
Recently, I was interviewed by Inner Life Coach and fellow F.A.I.T.H. author, Judy Keating on how I followed my heart to live out my dreams. I enjoyed my dialogue with Judy and I hope you will be inspired by it also. Click here to listen in. The interview is less than 10 minutes!

Thank You Is Enough!

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Thank You Is Enough!

As I reflect on another year of Thanksgiving, I am reminded of the boundless grace freely given to each and every one of us. Just as Eckhart Tolle once said, “if the only prayer you ever say is Thank You, that will be enough.” Thank you for being such an incredible group of supporters. I am always humbled by your love, support and kind words.

Since 2007, I have expressed my feelings of gratitude in one of my personal journals. Initially, I would write in this journal sporadically or as I often times said, when the spirit moved me to do so. This year, I have had an ever increasing shift in my perspective and beliefs in all that is and I now have made it a daily practice to write down at least 5 things I am grateful for. This simple exercise has transformed my thoughts from what I don’t have or want in my life to what I do have and want to create in my life. I suddenly experienced first hand how when we shift our thoughts and emotions from the frustrating and negative circumstances in our life to that of gratitude, it effortlessly opens the doorway to a fulfilling and abundant life.

In the spirit of thanksgiving, I wanted to share 5 of my favorite gratitude statements from my journal.

1. I am grateful for the strength that I have shown during times of adversity and difficulty for it teaches me how to overcome the next challenge that may present itself.
2. I am grateful for the power that I have within for I now know that it guides my actions and deeds.
3. I am grateful for forgiveness for it renews my spirit and opens my heart to unlimited love and compassion.
4. I am grateful for finally seeing my true value and worth as an independent woman for it reminds me that the best is yet to come.
5. I am grateful for adopting a daily practice of meditation for it allows me to go inward and connect with my all-knowing self and the Divine.

I hope my sharing is an inspiration to you as you open your heart and mind to the expression of gratitude this holiday season and hopefully also year round. Thank you is not only enough, YOU are enough. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Self-Love & A Valentine’s Day Invitation

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Self-Love &  A Valentine’s Day Invitation

As an independent woman, I am often reminded of the importance of self-love as Valentine’s Day approaches each year. In the past, like so many others, it became a season where I felt the pressure of commercialization and the artificial benefits of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Nowadays, I have turned over a new leaf; I have learned that the love that I desired from others was already inside of me. What has given me this new perspective? FIND OUT HERE!

Honor Your Heart Through Art & Wine

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Honor Your Heart Through Art & Wine

Due to the potential for inclement weather and dangerous road conditions, this event has been cancelled. We will reschedule for another day/time. Please check back!

Sign-up ASAP for our Art & Wine Workshop! Come prepared for a fun and creative evening of wine and artwork! Explore your creative self while drinking wine and meeting other fun people.

During Art & Wine, you’ll create an inspiring piece of artwork through simple art techniques and no art experience necessary! Join us as we nibble, create and meet new people through the common thread of empowerment and expression. Event details, full event flyer and secure registration via Paypal below. READ MORE.

Welcome to ZFusion

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Welcome to ZFusion

Hello and welcome to ZFusion.org, the online home of ZFusion! At ZFusion, our mission is to utilize art and creative expression as a means to promote self-empowerment and emotional independence for women and youth interested in overcoming personal adversity to transform their lives.

For future news, events and ZFusion related projects, sign up for our newsletters here.

If you or your organization are interested in receiving a complimentary one (1) hour Empowerment Through Art Introduction Session, please contact us at info @ zfusion.org.

Building A New Planet

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Building A New Planet

Some years ago, I met Elaine Bylos for a coffee at Starbucks. The coffee led to a led to a wonderful discussion about my vision for ZFusion. A vision of empowering youth and women to find their voices through Art Therapy. Here’s what Elaine had to say in her original post about our encounter:

“Through the means of focused and intentional discovery, Art Therapy engages creative expression as a means of accessing suppressed or emotionally painful memories which are often too painful to verbalize. At the six-week workshop with a number of beautiful women, disempowered by their unspoken truth, Azizi was able to coax hope and joy out of each one, bringing a sense of achievement coupled with self worth.” Read more.

ZFusion + BreakThru House, Inc. Six Week Workshop

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ZFusion + BreakThru House, Inc. Six Week Workshop

In partnership with the women of Breakthru House, Inc., ZFusion successfully completed an innovative and inspiring six-week workshop entitled, “Healing for the Broken Spirit.” The culmination of the Workshop was the “Fruitful Living Celebration.”

ZFusion founder Azizi Blisset facilitated the 6-week workshop and created it for the women of Breakthru House. Ten female volunteers assisted in the workshop, who encouraging and supporting the women in their quest to heal their spirits by stimulating their creativity through mixed-media art and collages. Using the “Fruit of the Spirit”, the women explored the life skills that result when they form a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and experience the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Read more.