About ZFusion

ZFusion combines art, creativity and mindfulness techniques to build self-confidence, promote positive thinking and encourage authentic living.

OUR MISSION: To promote self-empowerment and emotional healing through creative expression and mindful living. Our vision is to inspire others to listen to their inner guidance, embrace their true power and live a fulfilling life.

HOW WE BEGAN: ZFusion was founded in 2007 to empower women and youth through art and creative expression. Through the use of mixed-media collages, participants are inspired to tap into their creative selves and inner beings to express their emotions and feelings.

AZIZI’S JOURNEY: A personal art collage series titled “The Redefinition of Me” created by ZFusion Founder and President, Azizi Blissett, inspired this empowering technique. Through an art project in Design school, Azizi was able to use her artistic imagination and creative thinking to overcome a sequence of traumatic life experiences. Her creativity helped her process repressed emotions that had been locked inside influencing her life. Depicted in “The Redefinition of Me” art collection is an evolution of universal emotions that Azizi believes we all encounter on our journey through life. The collage series provides a vivid portrayal and exploration of overcoming “Shame” and moving onward to “Forgiveness”. The art series is the catalyst and inspiration for the “Empowerment Through Art” workshops that established the foundation of the ZFusion mission.


MEET AZIZI BLISSETT ZFusion Founder + President

I believe creative expression and thinking manifest our true nature. It exists within all of us.

IMG_4051b Azizi Blissett is a creative artist and inspirational leader with a purpose and passion for encouraging others to tap into their creative selves to live an authentic life.

She discovered her unique voice and soul’s purpose through creative expression and art healing practices. Creativity through art became a form of self-empowerment and emotional independence that transformed her negative beliefs and life experiences to build a self-sufficient and independent life.

Azizi embodies all of the characteristics of a truly “unique and rare” individual as her Swahili name suggests. Armed with the gift of imagination and a desire to encourage creative expression and thinking, Azizi is the embodiment of a 21st century creative change agent. Her mission is to use her passion, energy and enthusiasm to inspire young aspiring artists, at risk youth and women.

More About Azizi

A native of St. Louis, Azizi is the daughter of two talented reggae musicians and creative artists. Her creative passions stem from early childhood, listening to her parent’s band perform original reggae music and rhythms throughout various local and international venues. She is the product of their creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and community-mindedness.

After a successful career in corporate America, Azizi made a very courageous decision to switch careers from business marketing at a leading computer company to pursue a career in advertising. She was rewarded for this brave move as she developed and produced countless broadcast TV and print content for major corporations in the industry. She received an Atlanta Addy Award for a Publix Black History Month Consumer Print Ad honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In the fall of 2007, she took her next courageous leap into entrepreneurship as she launched her own marketing company and non-profit organization. Azizi has transformed her former marketing business to her dynamic personal brand, AziziBlissett.com, which includes her Life Coaching, Brand Marketing, and Creative Direction/TV Production services. Her personal art collage series, The Redefinition of Me, is available in prints, greeting cards, calendars and more.


MEET WENDY BATTAGLIA ZFusion Program Director

Through art empowerment, you release limiting beliefs in a fun and creative way, feeding positive possibilities!

Wendy_photo Wendy Battaglia has realized that creativity heals herself and others. A bashful yet perceptive artist, Wendy finds great pleasure in the world of creativity and spiritual growth.  As a Horticultural Therapist from the HT Institute, CO, Wendy’s purpose and passion is facilitating connections between people and plants. She believes this connection is the essence of how and why gardening activates positive human development, spiritual, physical and physiological growth. She has a compassion and commitment for working with others, especially Teens, to maintain their connection with their creative, fun-loving inner child.

Wendy is also the owner of Liverbird Gardens, a container garden company that utilizes clients needs and desires to create customized gardens. She is an Intown Atlantan with a deep passion for the natural environment and involvement in her community. When not working, you can find Wendy living a healthy lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same. You can also find Wendy practicing yoga, working out at an outdoor exercise camp, or event planning/fundraising for other nonprofits in her community.