"ZFusion utilizes art and creative expression to promote self-empowerment and emotional independence for women and youth.."

Thank you for visiting ZFusion where we believe art is a form of healing. Please join our art healing movement by supporting our purpose and mission. And while you're here, purchase a journal to encourage gratitude writing for yourself and others. Proceeds will benefit future art healing workshops and programs.

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Letting Go

Poem by Azizi Blissett breathe Once breathe Twice breathe Deep breathe Slow Surrender to...

Unlimited Perspectives: Everyday Life Law of Attraction

Aziz Blissett wears several hats in her professional life: She’s a life coach...

FAITH Interview with Azizi Blissett

Recently, I was interviewed by Inner Life Coach and fellow F.A.I.T.H. author, Judy...

What I Love About Art

I love the artistic side of me.  It allows me to let go, play, and have fun. It is a...

I Surrender Everything To My Freedom

Fear. It grips us in ways unimaginable. Recently, my position as a Marketing Manager at...